Saturday, 7 March 2020



It is important for the reader to understand at the outset that my imagination only goes so far therefore most of the names of countries, mountains, rivers, towns and cities in my world will be very familiar. I do not rule out that one day I may invent new names but for now I have used names that appeal to me, it's my world after all. It will also be clear on which real country my nation is founded, no apologies, it's a country with which I have close personal links and the history of which has always been of great interest to me.

My map has been created for me by Greg Shipp of "". Greg is a UK based professional cartographer. He has taken my crude sketches and ideas and turned them into , I believe, a work of art. Greg has proven himself to be constructive, cooperative, patient and a pleasure to work with over the past couple of months as together we turned my fantasy into reality.  I could not be more happy with the result. I have to say at this point that the map is subject to copyright and may not be copied without permission, it may only be viewed on this blog. That said I intend to include the map at the beginning of all future posts of  IMAGI-NATIONS to facilitate the readers understanding of the geography under discussion. 

My world is called TIAN. This is a Chinese word meaning heaven, which of course it is to me !!!!! The word was suggested by my wife and is also an anagram of her name, so the best of all worlds really. !!!!! 
The map represents my world today, that is 7 March 1890. Therefore the reader must realise that when discussing historic events in TIAN the map may not reflect the exact geography of the past. In that event I will explain. So without more comment, here it is...........


  1. Superb, Tony. What a lovely map to work from and well worth the money. As you said last post, curious how many ImagiNations or I agiContinents are joined up together. It does work though, lots of national boundaries to defend, invade and shift.
    1890 is a very good world / era to inhabit too. You might also enjoy Bob Cordery's ImagiWorld of 1891 blogposts

  2. In one word, WOW! To say I am envious of your map would be an under-statement.
    I think I will be contacting Greg in the very near future.....

  3. Mark. thanks, I am very pleased with the map. You are quite right, a single continent gives lots of borders, allies and enemies, i guess thats why the idea is so common in imagi Nations.

  4. Ian. Glad you like the map. I have had a paper print made to A3 and just today my custom made frame, ordered on the internet, arrived. Have put it up on the wall of my modelling room, it does look so good. I can really recommend Greg, he got right into the spirit of the thing. All he wanted was a guide on the style of the map. I looked up online and gave him details of a National Geographical map style I liked and he took it from there.